“This is the choice before us: either try to revolutionize the world and break under it or revolutionize ourselves and remake the world.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen

God’s Tech Revolution – Our Mission, We Wipe Out Pestilence!


Is God calling you to use your technology skills to fulfill the Great Commission?  Would you like to obtain hands-on experience creating Catholic video games, video shorts, writing blog stories, or creating web content?   Beginning  God’s Tech Revolution meets on Fridays (6pm ET, 5pm CT, 4pm MT, 3pm PT) with a mission to fulfill The Great Commission, to go and make disciples by the means of technology.   It would be a blessing to have you on the team!

We will meet for an hour and with the help of the Holy Spirit, hope to create some exciting projects.  Ideas include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. A Catholic Video Game – Minecraft Mod that illustrates spiritual warfare; A video with a pro-life messageThe adventures of a postulant as they attempt to become a friar; and The adventures of a Dominican trying to make it to Passion Tide.
  2. Create a video that illustrates a bible story or a parable – click here to see several examples.
  3. Write a Catholic Website Blog that reviews Catholic Content. Here is a sight where a Deacon reviews movies from a Catholic perspective:  http://decentfilms.com/
  4. Catholic Animations – animate a priest’s vocation story, a rosary mystery, a parable, or create a pro-life message.
  5. 3D Printing – create artificial limbs for people in 3rd world countries or other useful Catholic items.

Do you have other ideas? We’d love to hear them!   Click here to RSVP  and submit any questions that you have.