Join the Divine Mercy Prayer Group on Thursdays

The Divine Mercy Prayer Group at St. Scholastica Catholic Church is on a mission to place Divine Mercy at the center of our lives through prayer and action.


  • Praying together for Divine Mercy and compassion to be upon our parish, our families and friends, the Catholic Church and the world
  • Praying universally for the salvation of souls, especially those in most need
  • Praying for Divine Mercy for the intentions we hold in our hears


  • Practicing daily devotions to the Great Hour of Mercy
  • Practicing and spreading the Divine Mercy Devotion with St. Faustina’s diary as a guide
  • Practicing spiritual and corporal works of mercy
  • Inviting others to join

WHERE:  St. Scholastica Catholic Church, Erie, CO

WHEN:  Thursdays from 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Bring your friend or neighbor and introduce them to this prayer group.  We currently have participants from 7 local parishes!  If you’re interested in starting a Divine Mercy Prayer Group in your parish, please feel free to contact Nancy.  She’d be happy to guide you.


Nancy Plancon   720-280-7203
George Walck   303-917-5811