Bible Study

St. Scholastica offers an in-depth Bible study designed to meet you where you are in your studies.  The ministry is led by, Mark, a dedicated instructor whose life was changed through study of the Scripture.  With two decades of experience to guide you, he is navigating the group’s examination of each book from Genesis through Revelation.

The parish offers two ten-week Bible studies that run from September through November and  January through March each year.  An additional shorter summer session is scheduled as needed. There is no cost for the class or the materials.  The group meets on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall.  Please contact before attending to ensure schedules haven’t changed.

You’re welcome to join the group at any time and Mark is available for individual study sessions to catch you up to the rest of the group. Feel free to email him any questions you have regarding the Bible or Catholic theology.  This is his passion!