Parish History

In 1899, pastor, Benedictine Rev. Cornelius Enders O.S.B., with the help of local parishioners, completed the church that we still attend today.  Over time there have been many changes to the structure; it has been expanded and remodeled, it has been updated and enhanced, but it still stands on the same foundation that Father Enders set in place more than a century ago.

Our community has also changed over the last century.  Over time, parishioners have passed away or grown up and moved away.  As they did, new generations grew up and new parishioners moved in.  We, the parishioners of Saint Scholastica, are a continuum of the those of Saint Scholastica in 1899.  We stand on the foundation of community set down by Father Enders and the early coal miners.  We are but a new generation of the same Catholic community.

To learn more, click here to read the history book that parishioners published in 2009

Discover God’s Work at St. Scholastica’s Through the Years!

Listen to long-time St. Scholastica Parishioner’s stories and learn how God has been at work in our parish!   An excerpt of seven interviews  that includes a historical pictures slide show appears first, followed by a play list of the full interviews and other parts of the 125th celebration. The photos are from both the 2009 parish history book and the Erie Historical Society.

Excerpt Video

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