What People Are Saying About St. Scholastica

How do you encounter God at St. Scholastica?

Richard S. This is Spirit-Filled congregation with many holy and interesting people.  Join us for worship at St. Scholastica.
Anonymous Through the love and caring of the Pastor and the community.  The love of the sacraments shared encouraged me to pursue my relationship with the Lord and Jesus reached out and took my hand.  The rest is a love story.
Katy B. We were looking for a smaller more intimate feeling, local church community and positive messaging during Mass.  Something was missing in a very large parish setting for us. Father Rob’s warmth, dedication, and how you can see God working through him drew us to St. Scholastica.
Lauren P. Our beautiful daughter was baptized at St. Scholastica, where we constantly felt the Holy Spirit watching and guiding as she was welcomed into the church.
Denise B. I feel peace and love each time I’m in St. Scholastica. I leave mass feeling refreshed, hopeful, forgiven and lighthearted.
Kimberly K. We encounter God during Mass every weekend.  There is a calm that overcomes our children and ourselves when we sit down in the pew every time, it is a beautiful gift.  We discuss regularly how amazing it is that no matter how rough the morning is when we get to church everything settles and we get to encounter Christ!
Margaret Z. By the very careful, personalized, patient, thoughtful spiritual care I have experienced.  Everyone that we have met is wonderful!  It feels like community.
Cammie A. I have encountered God at St. Scholastica by my ministry work and belonging to the St. Scholastica parish family.  I have encountered God through our parish priests.   We have been so very blest.
Valerie P. I encounter God each week at Sunday Mass. I cannot wait to hear the readings, Psalm, choir, receive communion and hear Fr. Rob or Deacon say his homily. It makes my day and week! I need this for my mind and soul; to hear God through our church and celebrate with my sisters and brothers in Christ.
Nancy E. Through Father Robs Spiritual Direction as a most insightful, graceful and wise, prayerful recommendations for our marriage.
He brought us closer to God in the sacrament to keep our eyes toward heaven.
Lena L. My grandsons told me they wanted to go to church. That encouraged me to help my little boys to do what they wanted to become Catholics. They had not been baptized either of them and they were afraid to die and go to tell. I felt very ashamed because the children had to ask to be baptized! Their parents thought they would let the boys decide what religion they wanted to follow. Mostly they wanted to not think of religion. I started going to church every Sunday and special days and I would pick them up each time. I was brought back to Jesus and St Scholastic by my grandchildren!