For this reason, I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God that you have through the imposition of my hands. 2 Timothy 1:6

Confirmation is an experience of God the Holy Spirit. Getting ready to encounter the Holy Spirit through the Sacrament of Confirmation is a foundational part of your relationship with God! Living in a life-giving relationship with the Holy Spirit is what happens after confirmation.  Hopefully, you are thinking and praying about how the Holy Spirit through the Seal of Confirmation affects your life!

Working with parents, the Confirmation class prepares 3rd through 5th graders to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Eucharist.  Additionally, if a child did not receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the 2nd grade, they will work to receive this sacrament as well.   The curriculum has been custom made and includes a lot of hands-on activities during class meetings  such as adoration and prayer encounters with Jesus, simulations of the Barque of Peter and the spiritual battle, crafts, bonfires, faith demonstrated as science experiments, and memory activities. Parents are encouraged to attend  class along with their confirmation candidate on Tuesdays during the school year from 4:30pm – 5:45pm.  The following information will assist your preparation:

  1. Confirmation and First Eucharist Notebook
  2. First Reconciliation Notebook 
  3. Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism